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Happy Birthday Lolo!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Today is the day that I celebrate my very first victory-entrance into the world! God chose me to come into the earth at this appointed time 44 years ago!

Birthdays are a huge ordeal for me! I don’t know why, really; they just are and always have been! I am so blessed to have some of the greatest people in the world who demonstrate their love and support for me on a daily basis! I could not be where I am without your encouragement, love, support, and kicks in the butt!  As I celebrate me, I celebrate your love for me that makes me who I am! To you, I say Thank you!  The 44th birthday is not a milestone birthday, but it is an extra emotional birthday for me!

The number 4 is of significance for me this birthday.  Well, my age is a double 4, my birth-date has a 4 in it and so does the year! Everything is double! HMMM, maybe there is something to it or maybe I am just being my usual analytical self. Either way, 4 stands out for me!

Because I love homemade cards,  I wanted to make one for me; my own card that says what I feel about me! To that, you can only say,

“That is so Marlo!”

So, I share my birthday card to me for the world to see. Nothing spectacular; just a genuine description of where I am at 44!

That Girl, in honor of You on your 44th birthday, here are 44 things that I love about Marlo Thomas Watson! 

Marlo, I love

  • that you love Marlo;

  • that you are very supporting and loving;

  • that you are passionate;

  • that you accept people for who they are-regardless;

  • that you love God more than anything in life;

  • that you are such a giving person;

  • that you are so energetic;

  • that you are so comfy in your own skin;

  • that you are so diligent;

  • that you don’t give up;

  • that you are strong enough to cry;

  • that you're a Believer; that you are a ‘ride/die’; that you are not afraid to love; that you are dependable;

  • that you are learning your worth;

  • that you are a lifelong learner;

  • that you are compassionate;

  • that you don’t take yourself too serious;

  • that you are so domestic;

  • that you are business minded;

  • that you are a prayer warrior;

  • that you are genuine;

  • that you are honest;

  • that you are a happy person;

  • that you are forgiving;

  • that you are annoying;

  • that you are such a #NERD;

  • that you don’t allow others to define you;

  • that you are versatile;

  • that you are tenacious;

  • that you are vulnerable;

  • that you are independent;

  • that you are forever growing;

  • that you are not defined by your ethnicity, gender, or ancestry;

  • that you never meet a stranger;

  • that you are funny;

  • that you are bold;

  • that you are courageous;

  • that you are a perfectionist in recovery;

  • that you are protective;

  • that you are hospitable;

  • that you are corny;

  • that you are sarcastic!

Marlo, there is so much that I could say about you; there is so much more to you that many don’t know! However, what I will say to you this day, August 14, 2014 on your 44th birthday, is that I am very proud of the person you are and the person you are becoming!

I am proud of all that you have accomplished in this short life and just know that it is only just the beginning. You have survived the worst of it.  God has placed some amazing people in your life who love and accept you for you: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Keep pushing! Keep loving! Keep asking! Keep receiving!

Happy 44th Birthday! I love you!

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