About Me

Hello! I'm Marlo.

My name is Marlo Thomas Watson, affectionately referred to as LoLo.  I am the wife of Steven and the mommy of Justyce Watson - two of the most admired and respected individuals in my life. I am an ambivert and a high energy Green (True Colors) who loves to talk, analyze, and improve. I love God, family, socializing, change, making a difference, and being an entrepreneur.

I am the CEO and founder of The Marlo Company, Inc., an organization dedicated to facilitating our clients to a purposeful pathway. I have 18 years in True Colors facilitation, 15 years in Human Resources and Community Development/Engagement, and 5 years in DiSC facilitation and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team facilitation. I truly believe that I have the ability to make a difference in my community - and I have done just that and will continue to do so!  For more information on my company and the services we offer, feel free to visit themarlocompany.com. 

I am the founder of the Infinity Coaching Group, an organization dedicated to changing lives and receiving positive outcomes. As a Life Coach, my goal is to help others live up to their true potential and live a life that is worth celebrating. I specialize in several areas from Professional Development to Inner Peace. For a free consultation, feel free to visit theinfinitycoach.com


I created this blog, marlothomaswatson.com to express my very many thoughts I have flowing through my brain all of the time. As a mother to a beautiful, young adult and a leader in the professional world I often engage in several conversations that encourage me to be open-minded and honest at all times. People (aging from teenagers to older professionals) often look to me for advice - whether professional or personal. What better way to offer my advice and share my experiences than through a blog accessible to any and everyone! I am an open book (hence the photo on my Home page) and love sharing my testimonies. On LoLo’s Blog, we don’t have to agree - just listen, share, and talk!

I hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to share your thoughts with me. 

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